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The GHX Sound Engine

Where other games sound like late '70ties Arcade machines the GHX Sound Engine utilizes everything the Game Boy soundchip has to offer.
Some specs

Using our proprietary music-editor which was designed specifically for our own purposes, we are able to bring you amazing sounds, including the following features:
  • Wavetableing, Vibrato, flexible Arpeggio, complex Performance-lists.
  • Only 5% CPU-consumption in CGB Mode.
  • Compatible with Game Boy®, Game Boy® Pocket, Super Game Boy® and Game Boy® Color.
  • Up to one hour playtime with just a single 16Kb bank.
  • Up to 256 subsongs in a single memory bank.
  • Sequenced PCM-samples (up to 16kHz) & music playback simultaneously.
  • Compatible with all available development packages, problem-free integration to GHX Sound Engine into existing projects.
Sound Effects & Jingles

The GHX Sound Engine provides you with excellent sound effects and jingles integrating seamlessly into an existing GHX music replay:
  • Up to 256 priority-based sound-effects.
  • Free definable multi-channel fx.
  • Up to 256 jingles with automatic integration into music replay (no hassles with stopping/resuming the music).
GHX sample music carts
Download sample musics

Specifications don't say too much about the actual quality. So judge for yourself about the quality of the GHX Sound Engine by downloading some of the following sample music carts:

To listen to those examples you need the hardware to backup those carts to a real Game Boy®, Game Boy® Pocket or Color Game Boy®.

We don't recommend to use software emulators. If you currently have no possibility to listen to the carts on a real Game Boy, we suggest the emulator called "SMY-GB" which covers the most important aspects of the Game Boy sound hardware.

For any questions regarding the GHX Sound Engine just email to:
Frequently asked questions

  • Is the GHX development system available for sale? No. We only provide music composed for your project bundled with the GHX player.
  • Is there really no way to get hold of the GHX editor and/or replayer? See answer above.
  • Is there a free version for my non-commercial Game Boy© project? No. We're sorry.
  • We already have some music composed as MID/WAV/MOD/XM/SID/etc. Is there any way to get this music converted to Game Boy©? Yes. GHX has numerous import filters. We can even re-compose audiotracks without any notes or music data to benefit from GHX sound system's features.
Copyright Notice

All these carts above are copyrighted property of Shin'en. It's not allowed to use them (or parts thereof) in any kind of production. It's also forbidden to link directly to the carts stored on this server.

quick facts
  GHX Sound Engine
  Game Boy (Color)
  Advanced sound effects
  Only 4% CPU-usage
  256 subsongs
  256 sound-fx
  1 hour music in 16Kb
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