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Are you tired of games that make only fun for a couple of hours. You want a really big challenge?
Ingame picture of Rinkapink featuring Pinkie...
The Story:

"No no no! No one can solve the mysterious STAR puzzle" says Barti. "Well, at least it´s worth a try! The one who succeeds will be the KING OF STARS" replies Pinkie. Bartie reminds Pinkie that when he starts the challenge there will be no way out of STARLAND before solving all puzzles. But Pinkie's already jumping onto the STARLAND teleporter. A last glisten in the air and Barti stands alone on the glade...
Titlescreen of Rinkapink
Some specs:
  • 160 levels that will make your mind twist
  • Super-cute comic-style graphics.
  • Challenging gamplay with many secrets
  • More then two dozens pieces of music and a lot of sound-FX (realized with the GHX Sound Engine)
Energize, Mr. Scott!
Save & Go

If you feel for a rest, you can safely turn off your Gameboy whenever you like. The built-in save function automatically captures all your progress after every level. You will never have to play levels again, unless you really want to. Rinkapink has 3 separate save-ports, so you can let your friends play with your game without fear of deleting your affords.
Pinkie in 60fps highway-3d action!
Join the STARLAND Race

Tired of puzzling all the time? Find yourself at these very special bonus stages! Help Pinkie to collect all yummy bonus stars during high-speed courses across STARLAND. Be aware of gaps and obstacles on the highway. This bonus-game features lighting-fast 60fps graphics, more than 200 colors simultaneously on the screen and super-smooth zooming objects.
Please click to view fullsize image in a new window
Your Journey through STARLAND

Travel through 8 exciting different locations all across STARLAND. You will encounter such exotic places as Star Mountains, Frostwork Zone, Tree Tales, Wild Palms and many more. And who knows -- maybe there are some more you may discover...
(Please click on the small map to see a full-scaled version of STARLAND)
ECTS'99-Brochure (Flyer/Folder)

Download the Rinkapink-ECTS'99 Flyer (Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or higher required): Download (713kb)

quick facts
  (Rise of the Rabbits 3)
  Puzzle game
  Gameboy Color only
Game size:
  8 worlds, 160 levels
  8 trophy races (bonus)
  many secrets
  comic-style graphics
  more than 20 music tunes
Scheduled release-date:
  1th Quarter 2000
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